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Every day, primary care physicians across the country face the growing concerns surrounding reimbursement rates and how The Affordable Care Act will affect their bottom line. Add to that the complexity of billing, patient relations, marketing and a long list of other obstacles, and it’s easy to see the uphill battle that can take its toll on even the most seasoned business owner.

IFG Medical has a network of thousands of practitioners across the country benefiting daily from the cutting edge therapies, equipment and ancillary services we provide. IFG Medical will always seek out opportunities that benefit both the patient’s well-being and a practice’s bottom line. With those two goals in mind, we aim to be a trusted partner with each and every one we work with.

Vision and Mission

Providing cutting edge therapies, equipment and ancillary services to healthcare organizations in an effort to grow revenue and patient relations.

Our Philosophy

IFG Medical understands the challenges doctors face in trying to run a business. Often times the compassion and care components of a practice can impede its profitability, and vice versa. Our philosophy is one of synergy. If we can find opportunities that, above all, benefit the patient while also providing a new, healthy stream of revenue, it’s a scenario in which everyone wins.

Services we offer

IFG Medical currently offers opportunities in clinical research, diagnostic and medical equipment, and turnkey diagnostic testing services to healthcare organizations nationwide.

Our Commitments

IFG Medical only provides solutions that abide by all state and federal regulations. All research opportunities are IRB approved before commencement.

Our Goal

To increase your revenue while improving patient care

State of the Art Toxicology Lab

Partnering with a state of the art toxicology lab that embraces technology as a replacement for paper requisitions, builds custom panels, and delivers ultra fast results can make life much easier for you and your staff.

Cutting Edge Research Opportunities

Research opportunities can be a game changer for private practices. You can benefit science, your patients and your bottom line. By providing cutting-edge therapies, you can also enhance your reputation among peers and patients.

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